We can connect your campus to thousands of parents who are looking for high-quality school options.

An empty seat in your school means there is one child who is missing out on an opportunity.

Filling even one seat with a student from Families Empowered benefits students and families, and helps you maximize your school's impact. 

Only we can guarantee your marketing message is targeted to your ideal family: parents who are actively looking for school options. See what our clients have to say about the work we do. 


"For our school, it was a great opportunity to reach people who weren’t even thinking about Catholic school. It’s not something most people consider, and something people think they can’t afford." 

-- William Daily, St. Mary Magdalene School in San Antonio


"We had parents enrolling within 24 hours of starting the campaign. Importantly, it opened up our school to ppl who had not heard of us - Families Empowered is where we are going to spend the lions share of our marketing money."

-- Paul Castro, A+ Unlimited Potential School in Houston 

There aren’t enough seats in those high-performing schools to meet the demand of parents, who are actively looking for options for their student.

By donating to Families Empowered’s Mission Fund, you can help waitlisted students access their school options. For more information, call 713-589-8767.

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